Finished creations

File Creation: WILL PAY [Project Files] (7)
Rotary up and running eeehaaa [Finished creations] (5)
Seems like Mother of Dragons is the theme for this Mother's day [Finished creations] (1)
Table Decoration [Finished creations] (4)
Mother’s Day gift [Finished creations] (1)
Flooring in my house [Finished creations] (12)
Fire Risk cause by Lasers and printers and how to reduce the risk [Finished creations] (15)
Just a few of the hat patches I do [Finished creations] (3)
New phone stand today [Finished creations] (8)
Game of Thrones laser work [Finished creations] (6)
Ready to play ball? [Finished creations] (6)
Maple Bread Boards [Finished creations] (4)
DIY Accent Light using Lightburn [Finished creations] (5)
Photo Ideas for gift [Finished creations] (2)
Bottle opener retirement present [Finished creations] (2)
DIY 50W laser build [Finished creations] (7)
Acrylic with plywood base and supernight rgb led kit [Finished creations] (1)
Vinyl shelf signs [Finished creations] (1)
New slate wall blanks from JDS [Finished creations] (3)
Painted soapstone [Finished creations] (6)
Ceramic tile with bronze and gold [Finished creations] (2)
Tavern mirror experiment ( 2 ) [Finished creations] (23)
Tissue box. Maker-case, gold paint [Finished creations] (1)
White Marble Tile test work [Finished creations] (7)
LightBurn on 504nm MakeBlock XY laser [Finished creations] (1)
Here Be Dragons! [Finished creations] (1)
Butterfly woman scanned and filled with purple epoxy with a clear coat of epoxy over the top [Finished creations] (1)
Mirror back engraving [Finished creations] (4)
New pot rrivet/coaster [Finished creations] (2)
First Project - Ballast Point Sculpin Tap Handle [Finished creations] (8)