Finished creations

Tavern mirror experiment ( 2 ) [Finished creations] (23)
Tissue box. Maker-case, gold paint [Finished creations] (1)
White Marble Tile test work [Finished creations] (7)
LightBurn on 504nm MakeBlock XY laser [Finished creations] (1)
Camera Mount for Lightburn Camera 3D printed [Finished creations] (4)
Here Be Dragons! [Finished creations] (1)
Material Cut/Scan Test Files - Power Scale [Finished creations] (5)
Butterfly woman scanned and filled with purple epoxy with a clear coat of epoxy over the top [Finished creations] (1)
Mirror back engraving [Finished creations] (4)
Picture to wood [Finished creations] (10)
New pot rrivet/coaster [Finished creations] (2)
First Project - Ballast Point Sculpin Tap Handle [Finished creations] (8)
Living Hinge Occluder Caddy [Finished creations] (1)
LED Acrylic Nameplate [Finished creations] (7)
My new/old shop stool [Finished creations] (2)
Just a few engravings [Finished creations] (13)
My last work with LB [Finished creations] (6)
Supporting the Empire! [Finished creations] (5)
Another edge lit sign [Finished creations] (7)
Using the "script" from the FB page [Finished creations] (1)
Cherry Recognition Plaque with color fill [Finished creations] (6)
Temple mirror experiment [Finished creations] (3)
Breakfast Boards - Hoping they will be a popular item [Finished creations] (1)
Pinewood Derby Trophy Plaques [Finished creations] (1)
Today's workflow - more leather work [Finished creations] (16)
Finally got to engrave on some acrylic and colored aluminum [Finished creations] (1)
Recent Slate Coaster [Finished creations] (6)
LightBurn Camera Housing [Finished creations] (6)
Playing around with sugar cookies [Finished creations] (2)
RC Crane Project [Finished creations] (6)