0.9.04 Install Question

For the last two or three upgrade installations, each time during the install process it has prompted to install something like the 2017 Visual C++ as well as the FTDI serial driver each time. It didn’t do this until recently. Is it always going to ask this because I already have those versions or a newer version installed, so it is kind of a waste of time to go through the routine “just in case.” This is happening on my Win 7 machine. I have not confirmed the behavior is the same on my Win 10 machines.

Yes, those dependencies must have been added to the installer recently. If you know for sure you already have those things installed, can’t you just decline/ uncheck those options when you install new versions?

Since it has happened for two or three updates, I now know to ignore them (hope they never need an update because I and most others will ignore the option now!).

The Visual C 2017 runtime should be checking to see if it’s already present, and only installing if it isn’t. I’ll check that. The FTDI driver you can skip once you’ve done it once. It was mostly included because people with Ruida machines and RDWorks often don’t have that driver installed, and get confused when LightBurn can’t find their laser - it’s quick to install and there’s no harm in installing it multiple times.

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