I feel hopeless on here because I don’t very often use it, where can I read the new updates on the new release of please. I’ve been told once and forgot, sorry, thanks for any help, ray

Thanks Rick, keep up the great work, well pleased with your progress, could you help me Rick, I need to print some drawn instructions on items I’ve made on the laser, is it possible on Lightburn to do this someway, use the disign item which I’m cutting etc and print off a construction leaflet, I don’t know how to print off a drawing from Lightburn or if you can, my brain is slowly dying without me, I’m sure !!! Thanks for any help guys.

I am not sure I follow your request, but if you are looking for a way to share your design or save it for later reference, you can save the view displayed from the ‘Preview’ window as an image. Is this what you are asking to accomplish?


If you have drawn something on paper, you could take a photo of it (or scan it) and import that image into LightBurn, then just output that to the laser. Is that what you mean?

And the 0.9.06 release was a small bug fix. The 0.9.05 release was the big one with lots of changes.

Hi Oz & Rick,
I don’t think I explained well enough. Two Questions, how do I cut traverse down while filling a square border ? Also anything that I have designed that’s on the screen, how do I send to my printer to print a drawing. There’s probably a simple solution but I’m having memory issues, thanks guys :+1:t2::blush:

There isn’t a way to print a design from a normal printer in LightBurn. You would need to either export the design (for example as an SVG) and use other software to print it, or save the image from the preview as Rick suggests, and print the image.

For frame traversals, the best option at this point is to split the frame into two parts, either using the boolean tools or node editing, and then set the layer they’re on to fill shapes individually or by groups, instead of filling all at once.

I build frames like this:

That’s actually two pieces, and if I move them apart a little it’s much more obvious:

Then in the layer settings, choose one of the bottom two options here:

If you put the frame on a layer by itself, those settings won’t affect anything else.

Hi Oz, thanks for the info, that will come in handy, will there be a point where you may add printing facilities at a later date, straight of the drawing board to the Printer so to say, can the Lightburn program be used for 3D filament printing up to a point, just a thought as I have a 3D Printer on its way. Usual great work guys. Brilliant :+1:t2::blush: Ray :uk:

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