0.9.09 dxf import no longer "groups"

After upgraded to 0.9.09, when I import a DXF file from Fusion 360, objects with multiple cuts, for example, with holes, are no longer grouped as one object. The effect is that after import onto the LightBurn canvas, and then you go to move the object, only the specific shape you click on to select gets highlighted and moved and therefore does not preserve the overall object integrity.

In the previous version, the whole object was grouped and if I wanted to separate them, I’d need to select it, then “ungroup”.

Was this change intentional? If not, can the old way be restored? The old way made it very easy to import a handful of DXF files by dragging them onto the canvas, then moving them around to separate them for cutting.

The new way requires one to drag each DXF file onto the canvas one-by-one, select the whole object with a bounding box, “Group” it, then move it. Which is a lot slower.


Look in the Settings menu, the options have changed. There is one that chooses to auto-un-group on import, i’m guessing this might solve your issue. :slight_smile:

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That was it! Thank you!

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We got a lot of complaints that things were grouped on import, so we changed the default, but made it an option.

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