0.9.09 Patch release for GRBL jog issues, Ruida frame bounds check

If you’re running 0.9.09 and you see the following message:

An update for your version (0.9.09) is available - would you like to download it?

It’s telling you the truth. Same version number, but a different build date, with minor fixes that we felt were important enough to release quickly, but too small for a “real” release.

The following are the cumulative changes between 0.9.08 and 0.9.09:

  • [Oz] Fixed weird interaction between grouped text/path fix and snaps (patch 1)
  • [Oz] Made ‘Check for Updates’ also check for patch releases (patch 1)
  • [Oz] Added a toggle switch for Ruida frame bounds check (patch 1)
  • [Oz] Updated Mac port filtering to only remove cu. devices with bluetooth in the name (patch 2)
  • [AH] Made $J jogging for GRBL devices optional, disabled by default (must be on for Continuous Jogging) (patch 2)

And we threw these in because they were small, and tested:

  • [Oz] Added center snap for arbitrary objects (patch 2)
  • [Oz] Added global default prefs override for schools / maker spaces (patch 2)

Just downloaded an installed the latest patched version of 0.9.09 and after installation it tried to install Visual C++ into my Windows 10 machine, it failed. Is it meant to do this?Visual%20C%20%20

That’s not Visual C, that’s the redistributable library pack it needs for code or libraries compiled with it. Yes, it’s intentional, assuming you’re installing the 32 bit version - are you?

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