0.9.10 Alt+Shift+S Sends and starts job

After upgrading to 0.9.10 whenever I try to send a file with Alt+Shift+S it send the file and starts the job immediately…?

Well, crap. Of course someone else asked to make the Send button start a job immediately, so we made it so that holding Shift and clicking the Send button does this. I will add logic to make it look for ONLY Shift, and not do this if both Alt and Shift are held. We have a patch release coming shortly, so I will include this.

Also, you wrote a simple statement with a question mark on the end, which is confusing, and took me a while to figure out what you meant. If you write, “After upgrading, if I press Alt+Shift+S it sends and starts the job. It used to just Send. Is this intended?” it’s easier to figure out what you’re asking.

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Thank you for looking into this. I got a little baffled when I sent a job to my laser which is 5 meter behind my back and when walking over to align and start the job it was halfway completed :crazy_face:

I’ll note your comment and try to be more clear what I mean next time :slight_smile:

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