0.9.13 - Remove Overlapping Lines faulty

I just upgraded to the newest version and loaded an existing file to cut out and found any shapes with large overlapping lines suddenly developed new places to be cut. Specifically a long diagonal line through the piece, overlapping lines were skipped however. Disabling this specific optimization option reverts to expected behavior. The erratic behavior is isolated to the piece chosen as the “overlapped” piece and has its portion skipped during cutting. (*note. All images in the file are duplicates of one single image)

Please post the LightBurn file here for review.

Guard-Foot.lbrn (48.2 KB)

I would add that the extra lines do not show up in the preview window, and I have run the file two times with the option checked and without changing no other settings and getting the same results.

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Are you connected with USB or network?

USB only (15 extra characters?)

If you do just a single pair of these with the shared line, does it still misbehave? I don’t have a machine here large enough to run the whole file unaltered, so I wanted to check.

Oh, wait - Are these the cuts? (I just saved an RD file and re-imported that - this is clearly wrong)

I will have to check on just a pair of shapes, I had done one row and had the glitch happen.

It only glitched on single shapes where it was the shape with the optimized line. So any single shape selected as an object would cut fine. I ran it twice with and without that option selected, and same result. Yours picked a different shape to add the line to though. Mine did the outer ones of the “back to back” shapes.

(Edit: To confirm that (your image) is the result I ended with)

Ok, this is because you have overcut enabled, and it’s interacting with a change we made recently to cache the “isClosed” state of a shape. When overlaps are deleted, the shape becomes open, so overcut won’t work any more, but we’re treating the shape like it’s still closed - the clue was that it happens at the very end. If you remove the overcut setting it will fix this for now, and I’ll fix it properly here.

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This is fixed and will be in the next release. We might end up doing a 0.9.14 patch to address a couple small things, so this would be included.

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Hey RalphU, I like to overlap as much as possible when cutting Acrylic and then use the optimization option to skip overlaps. It can save 15%+ on cut times and helps save material.

Happy 1) it wasn’t a setting I accidentally messed up 2) my controller isn’t dying 3) to help find a bug!

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