0.9.14 - Send File not working

I updated from 0.9.13 to 0.9.14 yesterday, and now I can’t send a file to the controller. Ruida controller, it was working yesterday, and I haven’t changed anything except for the version of Lightburn. I’ve rebooted both the computer and the laser multiple times. I can still control the laser using the move tab, and I can still see files in the file list and delete files from the controller from Lightburn - I just can’t send a file.

Another “bug” that I have noticed since 0.9.13 is that each file access function (save, import, open) doesn’t save its last location. Prior to 0.9.13 I could use the import function and it would default to the last location I imported a file from (C:/Lightburn_Files/Images, for instance). Save would always default to the last location I saved to (C:/Lightburn_Files/Projects). Now, all of the file access actions default to the last used location, regardless of what function used it. So now if I open a file from C:/Lightburn_Files/Projects and go to import a file, it defaults to C:/Lightburn_Files/Projects, not C:/Lightburn_Files/Images. Having each function “remember” its last location was extremely helpful in keeping things organized for me.

I have a Ruida 6445G, no issue. I’m using wired LAN.

Reboot your computer - Another user had the “path memory” issue and it turned out his computer wasn’t saving settings correctly because it had partially updated Windows but wasn’t allowed to complete.

Regarding ‘Send’ you say you can’t send a file, but you’ve not said what, if any, message you’re getting.

Wired LAN here as well. Same controller for me as well. Not sure what could have changed to cause this. Kinda strange.

Rebooting didn’t fix the path memory issue, but I’ll make sure I’m current on Windows updates.

The send file is working now. Not sure why it wasn’t before, but it is now so we can close this thread.

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