0.9.16 strange behavior when filling

strange behavior when filling.
LB 0.9.16
fill all shapes at o

nce and flood fill activated
Speed 100mm/s Laser 2 enabled

Turn off ‘Flood Fill’. It is intended for work like filling shapes that look like a picture frame where there is a lot of whitespace travel in the job. This is not the case with your job so don’t use that.

As an FYI, if you want to know more about what a thing in LightBurn does, hover your mouse over that thing. In most cases, you will find a bubble help explaining what the thing is designed to provide.

Thanks for your quick reply. I just test all functions.

Flood fill is supposed to save travel, but it behaves very “stupid” see photos, leaves gaps everywhere and drives unnecessary paths

the wanted empty space is 490mm

When you set “Fill all shapes at once” like you have, Flood Fill looks at the entire shape when trying to plan how to move. It is not made for complicated paths - it’s made for very simple empty shapes, like a square picture frame.

If you set your layer to ‘Fill shapes individually’, it will behave better, both with Flood Fill on and with it off.

so is this behavior known? I just let my curiosity for the new version run free and played with it, it could have been a mistake.

thanks for the clarification

ps i love LB

Yes, it’s really hard to make a computer look at a design and pick a fill order that seems logical and sensible. I have a few ideas to try to make the Flood Fill mode behave better, but it will take time to implement and there’s no guarantee it will improve things.

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