0.9.17 Pan&Scan with Trackball's scroll wheel [Fixed with 0.9.18]

Just wanted to point out that 0.9.17 have not addressed this middle mouse issue.

While holding down middle mouse wheel:

  • Lightburn and Win10 3D Builder are acting the same which is zooming out instead of Pan&Scan
  • Fusion360 and Cura slicer works as expected - holding down mouse wheel allows for pan&scan as intended - no crosstalk with zooming.

Just FYI.

Have you noticed that you can push that wheel to the left or right, and those send zoom events too? When you press the button, you tend to also push it to the side, and that’s what is happening. If you press it perfectly vertically, it doesn’t do this.

I’m receiving a ‘mouse wheel delta’ event, but it’s horizontal, not vertical, so I can actually filter those out. I’ll add this to the patch.

Yes, I am familiar with the right and left inputs so i am thinking Cura and Fusion filter those out.
with 3D builder, when i am careful not to move the wheel to the sides - it does stop the zoom but then it wont let me pan&scan. with lightburn however - this is more promising as when i am careful not to move the wheel to the sides (hard to do) - it does looks like pan&scan works as expected.
So, I believe you’ve nailed it. filtering those out will probably do the trick.
Many Thanks.

Dawn of a new day,
Thank you.


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