0.9.21 update question How?

Please could you explain the new speed and power window It does not seem to alter by just pressing the button. Am i missing something. Will be very handy for small in use alterations.

I would like to try to help you but do not understand your question. Please rephrase it or display it on a screenshot.

Sorry only new to this. Its the new move window that comes up while you are burning or moving. Sorry can’t do screen shot.

ahhh, ok I’m in now. It’s one of the really good new features in 0.9.21. They are intended for Gerbil machines and only appear during the work process itself. I have tried this feature multiple times, adjusting speed and power up or down while the laser is running. For example, that function is extremely fine if you have a little too much speed or power on but not dangerous enough to interrupt the whole process, - screw 10% down - done!

Which button? If you’re trying to increase the speed, it’s worth noting that you are using a 3018 CNC which is driven by leadscrews, so it has a very low maximum speed (usually about 2000 mm/minute).

Never thought about that but even so if I run at 1000 then press -10% I thought it would now show 900 speed. Like wise with the power running 50% press +10% would now show 55%. Thoughts.

“It would show…” - what would? The speed & power adjust buttons send a command to the controller itself, and it is the thing interpreting them and making the adjustments - it doesn’t affect your project or settings at all, and after you stop the job everything resets.

I think one should see this new feature as a fine-tuning option of the ongoing process and not as a basic setting tool. If it turns out that my fine-tuning is relatively large then I use the “newly found” data to change my program data, but it obviously requires a documentation of my actions during the process.

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