0 axis for Y and X are in a random spot..kinda back left area not even close to the corner

I have a Chinese laser that is using an Arduino Nano 328P and GRBL 1.1h.If I move it to the front left corner it give me negative coordinations as seen in this picture. the bed is 65cm x 50cm. How do I figure out where to home it?

Does your machine have homing switches? If not, then you’d be homing manually. Home for gcode systems is always front-left. Move the laser to that position, then type G92 X0 Y0 in the console (or make a macro for this). You can also just move the laser there before powering it on, as zero will be where it is when it powers up.

Ok Great…do I need to do that every time I start it up. I have changed $32=1 and it doesn’t seem to stay that way after I turn it off and restart it. Can you explain what make a macro is? Thank you for helping me out.

Sorry…No it does not have homing switches.

A macro is just a set of commands that you’ve recorded and assigned to a button so the software will type it for you:

If you right-click any of the 6 macro buttons in the console you can enter a list of commands to execute when you click that button, and the software will send them in sequence to your controller.

GRBL, by default, remembers all the settings in the firmware, so it’s likely that whoever made the version of the firmware you have changed it to reset them, which is really obnoxious - it’s supposed to remember settings changes.

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