1.1.02 Measure Error

Drew a square, and open measure to play with mm /in button.

Can’t reproduce the error. On 1.1.02 with W11.

Gee, guess the LB community will have to upgrade to W11 then.
Thanks for letting us know.

My post may have come off flippant but that’s not the purpose. The intent is to document multiple data points to help narrow any potential issues, identify how widespread the problem is, or if the issue is an isolated case.

Reproducibility would have corroborated the issue.

Identification of platform is to provide context for which the issue was or was not reproduced in case it was somehow environment specific.

Also no problem with this, works fine with mac os and linux mint.

While hovering for dims, click around on the square a couple of times, chg mm/in, click around square.

Was able to reproduce a couple of times. I’m not certain but I think the mouse click is essential for this. Haven’t been able to reproduce without clicking. Can’t seem to identify a pattern for when this occurs.

v1.1.02 on W11

[EDIT] - after some investigation… I found that the crash is immediately preceded by the left side of the measurement window to go blank.


And it seems that any sufficient number of mouse clicks anywhere on the workspace will eventually cause it to crash. Sometimes crashes occur quickly. Can’t figure out under what conditions.

Call out to @LightBurn @Rick for their attention.

It is correct! By clicking in the shape itself and not just moving it just over the edges, LightBurn goes down.
Thanks for making me aware of my mistake.

Agree - once you click your mouse - game over!

This is found and fixed now. Guess we’re releasing another patch, and this is what I get for trying to squeeze in a last minute addition (the mm/inch button is the reason for this).

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No problem Oz, we waited awhile for this one.

More versions per month with less changes would be cool. :o)
Maybe even a separate forum category for Bugs / Features would help filter things.

We have a separate location for Feature Suggestions, easily accessible from the upper-right of the forum. We can track the requests, others can vote up the ideas, and this helps in our prioritization of efforts. Much better for tracking and informing when the status of the idea changes.


Bugs section is a bit different and has been considered. The challenge…many think a thing is a bug, when it is more likely a misunderstanding on how that thing works. A ‘Bugs’ section would get filled with all kinds of “issues” that are not really a bug. We can revisit, but this has been our experience. :slight_smile:

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