1.1.03 says "Disconnected" from Ruida

I have a lightburn 1.1.03 that was connected to Ruida 644xg via ethernet. I went to plug in my ethernet to run a job per usual and in lightburn it says “disconnected” in the Laser window. I’ve cut plenty of times with this setup and I haven’t changed any settings. I went to the controller and deleted all of the files. I’ve right clicked the “devices” button and nothing happens. Yes, I’ve restarted all machines and programs multiple times. I’ve tried a different ethernet cable and I only have 1 controller. Any ideas?

Perhaps the cable has worn out from all those plug cycles?

Or, shudder, the connector on one end has worn out.

A new cable is a quick-n-easy test. After that, things get ugly.

Except, perhaps, for the dreaded Windows Update scrambling All. The. Settings. without telling you?

I’ve tried a different ethernet cable, reset everything and Lightburn is still showing “disconnected”.

Now things get ugly, indeed.

If the laptop normally uses WiFi to connect to your network, turn that off and try plugging it directly to the router (or switch or modem or whatever). If that works, then the connector is probably good.

If you have a 6445 or 6442 controller, then LEDs 12 on the back should light up when the cable is plugged into the laptop and LED 11 should flicker as data passes through.

Beyond that, perhaps @berainlb can take over, as diagnosing Windows network problems is well beyond me.

I’d suggest trying to plug the ethernet cable directly into the controller to eliminate the extender as the potential problem area.

If that doesn’t work, can you describe how the network has been configured?

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