1.1.04 display bug

I don’t have a question, but I don’t see a bug reporting section either. So here you are.

There’s a bug when viewing filled shapes that overlap, when the overlapping shape is only one node connected to itself. I don’t know, I just found the dang svg online.

Wireframe, coarse:

Filled, coarse:

LB Preview:

File in question:
lbbugexample01.lbrn2 (105.6 KB)

That’s a curious bug. If one takes any other shape and moves it outside, it fills. Moving it back inside, it empties. The two anomalies will not fill. Changing to a new layer set to fill: nothing. I’ll bet that’s going to be a challenge.

Maybe a challenge for mere mortals, but I bet it’s not that big a deal for the lads here.

Thank you for drawing our attention to this. I see what you describe while running on Mac and will generate a report for this. Which OS are you using here?

Thanks @Blake. :slight_smile:

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I’m questioning if a loop made of a single node is a valid bezier curve…

Windows 10

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I noticed this recently too. It was some CorelDraw clipart I was using. If I remember correctly I just added an extra node to make it display properly. Obviously this isn’t ideal and not very practical if you’ve got a lot of these single node shapes in a design so it would be good can be fixed.

@Blake thank you for the bug report!
This has been fixed for v1.2.00


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