1.2.01 - not honoring layer order and not doing flood fill

I recently upgraded to 1.2.01 and it is no longer cutting in order. I want it to engrave and then cut but it is cutting first despite the ordering.

It is also not doing engrave flood fill. It will only do one letter at a time. If I disable flood and select group or individual or all it will follow those selections.

emerson.dxf (1.3 MB)

It is doing it with all of my files but here is an example: The file in question
flower press - MDF_2.lbrn (1.2 MB)

I’m not quite sure what you are trying to achieve, I have attached my best guess.

FYI, I very rarely use flood fill, I find the laser head movements too aggressive causing a loss in quality

emerson.lbrn2 (400.0 KB)

Edit. Having looked at your flower press lbrn file, you will need to remove ‘order by group’ and add ‘order by layer’ in the optimisation settings, your file should then engrave as expected

Adding the order by layer seems to have fixed the layering of cuts.

in the pervious versions of light burn, selecting flood fill would fill all shapes that were within a few MM as a single pass, Now flood fill seems to act the same as FILL SHAPES INDIVIDUALLY.

Your file is doing the same thing with flood fill. Instead of filling the text as a unit it is doing each letter individually.

I believe ‘flood fill’ in the file I posted at least, is behaving as expected.

Perhaps someone else will take a look, as I say, I rarely use ‘flood fill’ so cannot really comment on previous versions

Flood Fill was indeed changed to make it do shapes individually, and not “jump across” to other shapes.

The reason is that the complexity of the fill path goes up dramatically when it does that, and it causes far more gaps and misalignments due to machine backlash when it backtracks to fill in the missing bits. Making it only consider one shape at a time reduces the amount of jumping around, and improves the end result quite a bit.

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is there another option to enable flood fill of the past? This new method is adding 30 minutes to a 2 hour burn and for me TIME is way more important.

There is not, I’m afraid. Can you post your file here so we can have a look? (you can also email it to support@lightburnsoftware.com and include a link to this thread if it’s not something you want shared in public)

Thank you for the quick reply!

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