1.5.00 - toggle for new radius tool

Hi team,

Could a toggle be added for the new corner radius handle to be turned off?

It’s a handy feature, but we use the corner anchor to snap parts much more often than we need to add a non-specific radius to a part.



Thank you for this feedback. We agree, and have changed this behavior for an upcoming release (targeting the next, in testing). The Corner Radius and Polygon Sides draggable-dots will be off by default and only exposed when pressing the Ctrl / ⌘ with a primitive selected (LightBurn rectangle or polygon).

This new behavior should allow you to snap using this upper-right corner as you do now, and still have the option to radius the corners or change the number of sides of a polygon. This option will now be available with the same key used to turn off snapping. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

The Illustrator-style ‘magnetic’ guides that are Alt activated are amazing, so corner snapping is probably going to become less of an issue going forward. For now though, it’s a bit muscle memory doing it the old fashion way.

Keep up the good work!