1.5 & .01 Upgrade Crash on "Update Camera Overlay"

When we upgraded from v1.4.01 to v1.5.01 our Camera Control “overlay” is shown in the two attached pictures of before and after the upgrade. I don’t know where the settings are to correct the size. All the settings of the bed size are the same.

This once before in 1.4 and I corrected by uploading a previous “perf”. When I uploaded a previous 1.4.01 “perf” into 1.5.01 it seemed to load ok but made no change to the camera overlay size area. When I clicked on ”update overlay” Lightburn crashed. I sent it into the Beta Support but have heard nothing.

I re-download the ver 1.4.04 and the camera “overlay” works as it should. Anyone in this group have any ideas for our Polar.

Windows 10, Omtech Polar 350 Camera,