1.6.00 Update cannot resize windowed mode to show Color Palette

1.6.00 Update cannot resize windowed mode to show Color Palette:

I just ran the 1.6.00 update and I can no longer run in windowed mode and see the color palette or the bottom edge of the window, and the arrows at the edges of the window for resizing don’t allow me to make it smaller top-to-bottom. The only way I can see the color palette now is by having the window full-screen and I very often need to have multiple windows open and visible at once and see my layer color palette.

Try holding Shift while clicking to open LightBurn.

If that doesn’t help, have a look at these short videos on arranging your LightBurn workspace and adjusting display settings:

The second video, doing the scaling override in the program properties was a fix. Thanks.


This is no longer working, still running 1.6.00 and unable to change window size OR see layer color bar in windowed mode. Very frustrating

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