1/8 (3mm) plywood cut settings

thats awesome Peter thank you.
I know I need to experiment to get it right specific to my machine but just wanted a place to start. This is great information.

Thanks ever so much

Seems it’s hard to get a straight answer. I don’t know what the power is for the Sculpfun s9, but I just upgraded my Ortur 5w to the new 10w and had to find new settings for everything. Lightburn made it easy to do with their “Laser Tools/Material Test feature”. If you are not familiar with it, you can find it on the Tool Bar across the top of the Software; Click on Laser Tools then Material Test. With my 10Watt Laser I can cut through both the Baltic Birch and the Vietnam Plywood with one pass at a Speed of 180 mm per inch and 90% Power.

Thank you William.
I see that tooling…but not sure how to use it. Will do some reading.
Thank you

He is one that I definitely follow. He takes things slow and explains it well.

I have had success using speed 200 mm/m 95% pwr 3 passes

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My Sculpfun S6 pro will generally cut through it in no more than 7-8 laps, providing it is clean and flat… so I would expect the S9 to do it in less… 300 mm speed, 95%… sometimes you come across a sheet that you struggle to cut through, this is because plywood has different fillers so be prepared for that… You will start “overcutting” like I do, because pulling it out when it is not completely cut is a pain… so I would rather have the machine do a few extra laps compared to what it needs.

Having your bed raised helps, because this means you can see when the laser is all the way through.

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I use an Emblazer diode laser and have found 3 passes at 150 mm/min and full power works well. You have to step the focus down 0.5 mm for each pass. It may actually cut in 2 passes. I have gone to as high as 280 mm/min and 3 passes for long cuts but then some part of the cut may not be through. I found the wood is the challenge, not the glue. I have used Joanns plywood with some success. Pine does not cut well.

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Hey Pete.
I just ran my Laser for the first time and for kicks tried to engrave my name. Your numbers are spot on. The result was exactly what I was after. Thank you ever so much.


I use 3mm Bass Wood. 300mm@100% cuts in 2 pass