1 Computer 2 lasers with Cameras. CO2 & Fiber

Limping along as a newbie to LB and cameras. Both Lasers have the same model LB 8mp camera and work quite well. If I calibrate to one Laser and move the PC to the other laser the update overlay is only the same as the original calibration laser. Is there a way to have 2 LB Cameras calibrated? 1 to each laser and select the appropriate one? Am I over thinking this? Hoping I’m missing a basic step.

Before you get excited, I don’t know. I think it will depend on where this information is stored.

When you change devices it will get the ‘related’ library… it might work this way with the camera settings.

One of the lightburn people would probably know… I’m not that lucky to have that many goodies… although I have more computers, all but 1 donated :crazy_face:


Thank you. Would hate to set up a pc for each laser. But I do have one, but appears to be lacking some horsepower as it locks up on occasion and struggles to share the screen onto a large monitor hooked up with HDMI Cable.

Lets see if @JohnJohn knows about this… it’s a Sunday so hopefully he’s having fun somewhere besides here …

Hang in there …


Gonna partake in liquid sedative as I’ve used what available brain cells I can spare for today.

Destroy more brain cells?


That’s exactly how to do that.

No, this was exactly the internal discussion on the issue. The laser should be associated to its camera in the Device Profile. Each laser will likely locate the camera differently and that’s enough to demand a different bed alignment.

Since the cameras are identical, then the fish-eye lens correction should be very close if not identical. The bed calibration relies on the position of the camera and a whole bunch of trigonometry to make the four targets into a square in the image. This process is sensitive and being off by 2-3mm will throw it. Mounting the Camera on the lid of the laser engraver can cause calibration concerns because the lid doesn’t always close consistently.

I’ll double-check and confirm that the identical cameras won’t cause confusion when switching between the two device profiles.

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