1 deep scan line

hi all. im new to this laser stuff. just wondering if anyone can help? i keep getting 1 deep burn scan line on every picture i do, its about 50mm from the start of every burn and it wrecks the whole pic and it dosent matter what direction i scan in. any help would be appreciated. thanks.

Looks like this.

Pictures are pretty bad… Why so blue? I can’t even tell what you are burning on… wood? tile? How about uploading your Lightburn file so we can look at it?

:joy: it’s blue because the laser was actually burning as I took photo. It’s on tile but it dosnt matter what I burn on, tile or wood I keep getting 1 solo deep burn line about 5% into burn. I’ll put some pics below.

From your photos you might be getting 1 dark line, but you are also getting lots of uneven scans, light and dark patches (in lines) I think you need to check the power supply with a multimeter and check it is not over powering your tube. At 99% power (or max power your machine can handle) the max milliamps should be 30…If it’s over powering the tube, the tube will not produce an even beam.

The power is fine. I am literally brand new at this. The pics I showed you, I hadn’t had settings correct and the 1st pic the paint was wet hence the patches. Only used them as examples to show the deep burn line. I am doing a pic now that probably is the best 1 I’ve done but it still has the deep line in it at about 20% into burn and its now burning at 33° angle. I will send a pic when it’s complete.

Think I’ve come to the conclusion it’s some setting on light burn that I don’t know about. I’ve just downloaded laser gbrl and no deep scan line. Any thoughts?

Hi Respo, any chance you could upload a screenshot of the project with the cut/layer settings, would be easier for people to help you.
Learning is the best part :+1: :grinning:

I used the settings that light burn recomend for beginners

Haha… I seem to have solved my issue… I contacted ortur and sent some pics and it seemed my belts were too loose on the y axis, so the machine was missing out a tooth or 2 on the belt, so I have tightend them as tight as I possibly can and it’s seemed to work. Word of advice… if you move your machine make sure everything is still tight when settled.