1-Touch Laser Photo

Just wondering if anyone has had experience (good, bad or indifferent) with 1-Touch Laser Photo.


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I have 1 touch and photograv and neither do as good a job as jarvis in lightburn. just sayin. Feel it has been a waste of hard earned cash on both programs. just sayin.

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Damn, that’s expensive. It does look like they have a 30 day trial though could always see how it works for you.

Thanks for the input. I’m in the trial mode now, having good results so far. I’ll be honest, I have only tried LightBurn a couple of time with ok results, but it takes much longer to get the image ready to go. I’ll still be evaluating both before spending the money for 1 Touch.

Thanks again!

1 touch is certainly going to be more “fire and forget”, but there are a few things that will help you get better results quickly with LightBurn:

  1. Use an interval value that isn’t too small for the machine (or a DPI that isn’t too high - same thing). A 40w laser has a beam spot that’s probably about 0.07mm when focused. A 100w laser is closer to 0.2mm. Using an interval value that matches the beam width of the machine will help prevent muddying the shading, or you can use higher DPI values with Newsprint shading, which helps reduce the effects of overlap

  2. Adjust contrast and brightness in the Shape Properties window to get as much range of shading from your image as you can

  3. Use the Image Enhance feature to sharpen the edge detail. Start with a radius of about 5 (you might have to go as high as 15 if the image is really high resolution) and an amount of anywhere from 150 (crisp edges) to 500 (exaggerated edges).


Great info, thanks Oz. I am using a 5.5w diode, and getting pretty good results. I appreciate the feed back!.

Oh gosh - in that case, save your money. A diode laser can do excellent grayscale or dithering with very little trouble. One-touch and PhotoGrav are meant for CO2 lasers, which have a much harder time getting good contrast and shading.

The tips provided above are still useful, but your DPI will be pretty high - likely 250 to 350. Your speeds will be slower though, especially if you have an 8 bit controller. You have the option of using Grayscale as the image setting as well, which is really hard to use with a CO2 machine.

Super! Don’t like spending $$ if I don’t have to. Thanks again.


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