1 x 1 Grid Question

I am trying to create a 1" x 1" grid cutout/ etch onto acrylic for a table I am making. The table is far too large to do the entire cut in one pass, so I have to break it up into multiple cuts.

The table is 28" wide x 49" long. As I want the grid to line up when I put the sheets next to each other, I was going to cut it into six 14" x 12" panels and two 14" x 13" panels. Each panel needs to have a 1" x 1" grid etched into them.

As I try to pattern the 1" x 1" grid with zero spacing between the patterns, it seems that is doubles the shared walls when I play the simulated tool path. So if I were to etch it, it would try to etch each wall twice. Other than creating a pattern without shared walls, how would I prevent the double etching pass?

Also, is there an easier way to do this, even if it’s sketching it in another program? measuring perfect distances and angles between lines seems either impossible or unintuitive. I find sketching on Fusion 360 to be far easier but exporting the drawing is a pain.

If I’m understanding you correctly you could achieve this by enabling “Remove overlapping lines” in Optimization Settings in Laser window.

Based on your description it sounds like you’re creating the grid using squares. This is a valid approach but creates the overlapping lines scenario you’re trying to avoid,.

Alternatively you could try using vertical and horizontal lines to make up the full grid. I’d suggest looking at the Array tool to make this easier.

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That worked! Thank you!

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