100 watt laser settings for engraving on metal with marking spray

Have a Boss LS1630 100 watt laser. Having trouble getting my settings right for a clean burn on metal using Brilliance Laser Inks. It’s close but can’t seem to get it where I want it. Any ideas/tips?

You might want to give us some more information about what is a ‘clean’ burn… Photo or ?

I started with the recommended speed/power when I used Laser Bond 100.

Does Brilliance Laser Inks have any kind of guidelines …?


By clean burn I mean no streaks inside the fill area and sharp defined edges. Brilliance Laser Inks had some guidlines but nothing for 100 watt lasers. I’ve played around with my settings some… I may just be a little too picky.

What type of information did Brilliance Laser Inks have? Your machine is pretty high powered…


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