100 X 100 mm square engraves as 79 X 79

Configure axes option is not there in Device settings. I can’t see where else I could modify the scaling.

I think galvo 1 and galvo 2 scales are the scales. I changed them to 100 and it seemed to get real close but not exact.

I can live with that.

Is your work area really 220x220? That is an unusual size. Not unheard of, but not common.

I actually don’t think that’s a good idea… it would also help to know what F lens you have.

@Albroswift … I think you are right about the working area…

The lens correction file determines this… along with the size of the scan field. I think if you change the percentage, you change where the lens correction is applied…

If you machine is setup by the manufacturer, it should have a file to import into Lightburn when you do the device setup…

Did you import the file then?


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Couldn’t figure out actual workspace from the laser machine… that covers the need for objects we generally engrave… Is there a way to figure out the actual limits of the machine

The galvo doesn’t change, coverage is based on the lens.


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