120° LightBurn camera for sale

My 120° camera was ordered while the 90° model was not available. I had hoped that it would work well enough for my 700x500 redsail clone, and it did. Just having the camera saved me many minutes per job getting things aligned and placed. This feature is well worth the price of the software and hardware.

Now that the nineties are in stock, I ordered, received and installed it tonight. It just barely encompasses the bed, but just barely is basically right on the mark!

That leaves me with a nearly-new 120° camera for those with shorter spacing. I can’t guarantee how well suited it is to your laser installation, but it worked great for mine.

Includes the unused USB cable from my 90° camera, as I used the previously installed one. Also includes the two fabulous Lightburn stickers. You’ll have to get your own Haribo Gummi Bears, though.

Make me an offer and I’ll pick the highest one, of course! Free shipping if I like the offer. No sale if I don’t.

What will it cost to ship it to the Netherlands?

Best Regards,

thank you for recognizing that non-US shipping addresses would not qualify for free shipping. I’ve sent a PM to get a representative address with which I can check US Postal Service (and other) rates.