120w Reci or 150w EFR

I only know the Reci brand and i am told that it is the best. But for almost same price i can get 150w from EFR. My question is, will it be much better for cutting or is it “fake” watts?

If it is “original” EFR, YL or Reci tubes, the quality is reasonably similar, in my opinion. The problem only arises when both companies sell out of their 2nd and 3rd quality sorting. The resellers sell these tubes preferably under the original name, even if they are not “allowed”.
So either you buy directly from the manufacturer or an approved supplier with the original 18-month warranty on their 1, quality product. On their own cheaper products, they also do not give this relatively long warranty, as far as I know. (6-12 months)
Choosing a new tube, even from reputable dealers, can be a challenge. Their own specification definitions are not always easy to understand, but if you are looking for the longest warranty period and lifetime of a tube, you will find the right one. I also believe that the purpose of use of the tube is important for the choice of the tube, are you a professional with many large series of laser-produced items or a hobby user with a completely different production profile.
I would choose the highest possible power (if cutting is the primary task) at the best price with the longest warranty.

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Watch this Russ Sadler video … he explains it, using a RECI … by the 5 min mark…

Good luck…