1290 100w laser connection error

I recently bought a re-badged (RS Laser) JQ Laser 1290 machine, it’s a large upgrade from a K40D both in cutting area and learning curve.
I saw the machine operating (cutting and engraving) but never thought to ask about the software specifically. I was given a USB disk with LaserCutEngrave6.0 and RDWorks V.6 with a few sample sample files
After installing the extraction, air compressor and chiller it was time to install the software. The machine will operate using LaserCutEngrave on a Win 7 machine, it’s not very intuitive and is very basic. However when I try to run RD Works it returns a connection error and with Lightburn it’s unable to find the machine.
I’ve been getting a com port error in Device manager but I’ve been unable to find a suitable driver online. I hope that some might be able to guide me in finding a driver or about making adjustments to the port settings (currently at the default ).
I’ve tried connecting the machine to an XP and Win 10 with no success.
Thanks Fran

Device manager error

The controller is a LNC-LS232A

Controller module

The controller keypad looks like a very basic unit

Controller keypad

That does not look like a Ruida compatible machine, and I can’t find anything about what’s actually in the machine. If LaserCutEngrave has the option to save a UDisk file (file to copy to a USB drive to send to the laser) you could save a couple and email to me so I can see if the format is one we recognize. Email to developer@lightburnsoftware.com.

Had similar issue, so I upgraded to a Ruida 6445… learned a lot in the process of upgrading.

LNC: https://www.lnc.com.tw/en-us/about/introduction

They’re a funny beast. I.

Lots of them in expensive RF CO2 Laser units.

Loathsome, from a maintenance standpoint. Awful software, has drivers for Corel, IIRC.

Hi Oz,
Thanks for the reply. I think that I’ll have to contact the original supplier to try and find a solution to the problem.
I’ll send you a file saved (exported) in a couple of file formats, hopefully you’ll be able to open/recognise the file type.

Thanks for the comment crynool. Did your machine have a similar controller or was it that you just wanted to get something that was more familiar/tried and tested (in controller terms)?

I’m a relative newbie on the laser machine learning curve, there’s something new learned nearly everyday, that’s part of the fun… (most times) :wink:

Thanks for the link Bo.

“They’re a funny beast.” is that a reference to the controller or laser machines as a whole? :grin:
I’d agree with you on both.

The display looks a bit similar, no clue what it is.
Anyway, I had a deep learning as well … after rewiring the whole thing… :confused:

You could not do much with it (the controller), no Ethernet Connection and the Software had a Dongle, just to run it… and was a bit … crap.


The machines are more on the industrial end, rather than the artistic.

You find those controllers on machines cutting 150mm steel pipe, making boxes to be folded and welded, cutting out a boat frame.

Machines more like CNC router than a Ruida or epilog-type laser used for intricate work.

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