130 watt C02 Razor 3 not cutting 3mm particle board

I’m using a Razor 3 130Watt C02 Laser and I am having trouble with cuts. I am having to use multiple passes to cut through this 3mm particle board, but somehow our 50watt Epilog still is getting cleaner cuts with one pass. I’ve tried running 130Watt at 60/55% power at 35mm/s. To actually cut with the 130Watt laser I’m having to run 3 passes 70/65% power at 25mm/s. Any ideas as to why I’m having trouble cutting with the stronger laser.

The usual problems, roughly in order of frequency:

  • Dirty mirrors / focus lens
  • Misaligned beam
  • Dead tube (check spot at Mirror 1)

There are other problems, but checking those will probably identify the culprit.

I usually put it in a different way than @ednisley

  1. properly working tube
  2. clean and aligned optics
  3. proper focus

If you have these three, they work.

Start at the beginning.

The m1 target can check both TEM resonance or mode of the tube and it’s striking position.

Part of the alignment procedure it to check where it’s striking the various mirrors, so start at m1.

If you are burning holes in the target, back off the power or duration. That makes them pretty useless…

The steps are in a logical order of progression.


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