130w Laser Power Supply Upgrade

HI all!

This is my first post on this super helpful forum.

As I’ve been working and getting to know our machine (130w Mophorn Chinese Laser with ruida upgrade) I noticed a certain laser ‘lag’ on details when going faster in ‘fill’ speeds. As I looked on these forums, it sounds like I was correct in that the signal between firing and stopping on small pieces is shorter than the lag in the signal from laser actually able to fire. I heard this is a limitation of power supplys and tubes, but most often the power supply.

I know I have a large machine with small detail limitations for sure, but would a better power supply help at all in this lag issue? I understand that in general slowing down is necessary for details, but for production having to slow down mass production to 100-200 speed makes my jobs take much longer than I expect them to.

The power supply that came with my laser cutter is ZYE Laser MYJG150W.
I see those for sale around $100-150 along with others that all look the same.

I also see some that are the same power rating for $200-300 and wonder if there is just markup or something better quality. I’m not sure what to look for or if any upgrade would make any difference.

I know I bought a Chinese laser, but seeing these epilogs move at blazing speed with full detail just blows my mind and wonder if I can get just one step close to that without a whole new machine. Do RF tubes make a difference too?

Appreciate any feedback/advice.

Welcome to our community. Most of the marketing videos I have seen are sped up . IMHO that’s not truthful.
Nothing against the great laser Machines however that is kinda deceiving.



I have a ZYE MYJG150W driving my Reci W6. I have no such lag. This is pretty blazing fast:

But also, BIG difference in an RF laser vs a tube. Those epilogues us RF lasers.

@Stroonzo Your video is so good I can smell that wood burning… :rofl:

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