15000mw 3018 Universal laser

I am wanting to burn a picture, I have it set up at 1500mm, 70% power and 450 dpt. Says it is going to take 15 hours to burn.

Any help

With what? Not trying to be difficult, but you are not being clear as to what you are trying to do and what the question is, exactly.

I am trying to follow, but I am not understanding the use here of “450 dpt” and ‘1500mm’. If the last is your speed, 1500mm over what period of time? Speed is calculated as distance over time. 1500mm/min, 100mm/s, 130KPH, these are understood as they have both required components included. You left part off of yours. :wink:

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Oh, dang ok sorry

450 DPI, that was a fat fingered deal
70% power.

I am wanting to burn a picture on wood but it says it is going to take 15 hours to complete in the preview. Any recommendations on how to speed this up.

I was playing around with the Interval(mm) and bump it up to .356 and will test tomorrow

Sorry for the confusion, hope this clears things up a little

Thanks for the additional information. First, the Time Estimates presented in the ‘Preview’ must be tuned to that of your system to ensure LightBurn is using realistic values from your machine when providing this calculation. Once tuned, the estimates will match closer to the real-world processing time, so that is an important step.

Reducing the Line Interval (space between lines) or DPI means there will be fewer lines scanned to complete the engraving and should reduce the time required to produce. So, you are on the right track. I might suggest some test scans at different intervals to see how far you can push that and still produce good quality images.

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Ok, that part I did not realize, additional settings. As soon as I get back to my machine I will test this out.

Thanks a lot

Hi, if you don’t mind me asking what are you engraving? You said a picture but I don’t exactly know what that means. The reason I ask is because generally speaking the longer your "image is in the y axis the longer its going to take, think about it x moves faster that y when engraving so sometimes rotating the image so the bulk of the engraving is on the x axis and not the y it could drastically shorten your engraving time. The images below is just an example, they both have the same setting i just rotated one 90 degrees. The super long times are because its a 20 inch tall Darth Vader lol


This upright one would take 10 hours and 39 mins approximately


This sideways one would take 9 hours and 23 mins approximately

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Sorry for the late response it’s a photo of my daughter and her puppy.

It came out ok, just lighter mainly the upper right conner and the dog’s neck.

The preview does not give what the finish product really is going to look like. Burning on plywood, pine I think it is.

That is very helpful for newbies — Thanks!

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Yes thank you it did shave some time off. I will run it and see if it helps with the burn quality

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