160º Camera for k40 with close lid?

Hi, i was wondering if i can use a 160ºcamera to use with my k40 with gerbil.
I would position the camera on the close lid, just over the working area, and it should be able to see it while having the machine lid closed. I have enough distance 119mm for focal view the working area of 32x24cm i checked on the camera selection help.

My doubt is that the deformation caused by the 160º camera will worse my work, should i keep with a 60º lens and position it at 40 cm with the lid open. Is it really a difference on quality , or in the work i will be able to do, for this 32x24cm working area?

Hope you understand what i tried to say. Its really a huge quality improvement in 60º vs º160º after calibrating? because 160º look like will allow me a better camera handling position.

Thank you for your help

It will be a little less precise on the sides, because of the high image distortion there, but it will still be quite usable. I can’t say how much better or worse it will be like this - I haven’t measured the difference.

I have tried your idea of placing my camera in the lid, my thinking was the same as yours that it will be smart. But unfortunately, I couldn’t make the crooked angle fit for a workable result. I have to open the lid as in the picture, but it works perfectly for me.
I’m sorry but I don’t know the angle of my optics, I bought it for my first diode laser before I found Lightburn.


I did use a 160 degree camera on my k40 (basic 8x12 working area stretched to 9x13, but I did have to make a bulged plexi window to raise the camera about 3 inches higher than the lid normally would allow.
That said it works well and precision is close enough to work to the edges.

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