1st laser stopped working after second laser install

Hello, I hope someone can help.
I had LightBurn working great on my ortur master 2 then,
I purchased a second laser an orion 50 watt with a trocen controller.

After getting the trocen to work in light burn now the ortur wont work or connect. I have tried deleting everything and re installing. No Luck.

I am not trying to run them both at the same time…

did you change the machine too? i think both need their own driver in lightburn. When installing the 2nd machine, another adjustment was definitely made. You can find this setting under Devices.


Thank you for your response.

I did change the settings for the GRBL from Trocen. I tried changing the ports, I tried three different cables. Light burn says “ready”.
When I try to burn a square I get a message saying the laser is busy or paused.

My frustration is in that they were both working, I turned the computer off for the night.
When I turned the computer on the next day and tried the ORTUR, it won’t connect.

I can’t try the Trocen at the moment as I have the cooling system drained due to extreme cold where I have it sitting.

I changed cables three times, I have downloaded FTDI drivers so many times trying to get things to work, I am starting to think the system on my computer my be in conflict with itself.

I have deleted the ports, updated drivers, rebooted the computer after changes, downloaded other software for the laser such as GRBL, RD works, laser cad etc. nothing seemed to work.

One problem I did find in this process while trying to get the Trocen to work I had to switch cables.
The third cable made a connection. This was prior to the ORTUR not connecting that I have now.

At the moment, I am currently going to re install windows and start over.

I will post how things go after a fresh start from scratch.

Hello again, thanks for your response.

The computer and software were apparently in conflict, my fault I’m sure.

After wiping the computer and re-installing windows 10.
I installed LightBurn and my activation code.
LightBurn immediately found the ORTUR and is working like a champ.

Rookie mistakes!