2 Cameras, One PC

We have 2 X700’s at our makerspace, both connected to a single PC. While LightBurn handles switching between the two, we are attempting to put cameras on each and run into an issue: Since both cameras have the same device name, we can switch camera once, but then it gets ‘stuck’ and cannot switch back to the other camera.


Hmmm, that’s an interesting one. What OS? I could plug 2 LB Cams into the same computer and see how it behaves.

Could you get another cheap computer to the dedicate to the 2nd laser?

If you don’t have a camera, the workflow is pretty much load the job and send to the machine.

Once you add a camera to the mix, the workflow becomes much more interactive and “back and forth” so at that point in time it makes much more sense to have a dedicated computer per laser.

We just don’t want to have an extra computer… would be nice to be able to tie camera to laser.


Ok, so what OS is that computer running?

sorry - Windows 10

I played with it on Win 8.

Open LB instance 1, plug in LB Cam #1. 1 camera in the list, I can select it and see the feed.

Plug in LB Cam #2. 2 camera now show in the list of LB instance 1, but regardless of which one I select it always selects the position in the list and feed of the first camera.

If I open LB instance 2, and try to select a camera, I just get the grey background in camera control view and no feed.

@LightBurn I seem to be able to reproduce something similar to what is described here, any thoughts?

Cameras are selected by name, so it’s likely just choosing the first instance with the matching name. I can check to see if there’s a unique ID I can use instead. I wasn’t expecting multiple cameras.

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And if you’re indexing then by the order they were plugged in, then that would match what I experienced :slight_smile:

would be nice to tie camera to laser


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