2 lasers- Have to flip image horizontally each time I switch lasers

I know that I have read about this before but I can’t seem to find it. I have 2 lasers (both with Ruida controllers.
laser 1 X0,Y0 is in the top left corner and homes there.
Laser 2 X0,Y0 is in the top Right corner and homes there.

When I say homes there, I mean that the endstop switch is in that corner.

When I edit an image with laser 1 selected and then chose to use laser 2, the image flips horizontally.

Again, I know I have saw the fix for this before, just didn’t have 2 lasers back then and did not need it. This is driving me crazy… How do I fix it?

Laser 1 settings:

Laser 2 settings:

Here is an example:
Laser 2 Test file

Laser 1 Test file

There isn’t a fix for this other than “select all, press H to flip”.

The two machines have different coordinate systems - the homing corner is also the workspace origin. I plan to store the origin location in the file, and have it offer to mirror the work if you load into a different profile (or switch profiles while it’s loaded) but that does mean changing the content of the file.

So are you saying that it will be addressed in a future version? (storing the origin)

Is it too difficult to just switch one of the lasers so it homes to the same position as the other one?

Depends on where the endstops are, isn’t it?

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