2 lasers, want 2 camera's to one computer

I have two lasers and I am ready to buy the 8 mp cameras for both. can I run them to the same computer…also I am using powered USB Cables to get past the 15 foot USB limitation…will I have any issues if I buy the cameras?

Yes, LightBurn will support two different cameras as it remembers which camera was used for each machine profile. The only thing is that you have to make sure that you do not change which port the cameras are plugged into, especially if they are the same model of camera.
Basically, to get around the fact that people might use a camera that shows up to the operating system with the same name for multiple cameras the way we remember it is by which port it’s connected to on your machine. If you are using a desktop, this shouldn’t be a big issue. But if you are using a laptop you MUST always reconnect the cameras to the same USB ports. Even if you connected both to a USB hub so that you are only using a single port on your laptop, the hub must be connected to the same port on the laptop every time.

As for the powered cables: It should work but USB over that length is always hit or miss and depends on the quality of the cables you have and a dozen other environmental electrical noise factors. It should work we just cannot guarantee it - everyone’s setup is different.

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I ended getting the two 5 mp 90 degree camera, because the distance was a min of 34(ish) inches and it would see the larger laser bed @900x1200, I was able to get thru the camera calibration for the 900x1200, but not very easily as I had to move the paper inward several times and change the lighting conditions several times. then It applied those setting to the smaller laser (but that could be because I changed USB ports on my Desktop a few times from the HUB) Going to try recalibrating again later…thanks for your help, any words of advice

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