2 lasers with different origins

I have just got my second Diode laser and am trying to run both machines.
Due to the lasers having different origins, when I open a project that has been created/saved with one laser selected. It flips the project, which was fine initially. not hard to select all and then mirror the image.
Problem is now with the text.
it mirrors each ‘group’ individually on its lower edge as well as with the whole project.
And takes awhile to individually flip everything back to the way I need it.

Is there a setting I am missing that will stop this happening or do I need to create duplicate files for use on each laser?

Photo showing issue better after flipping entire project.
All the text has mirrored on the spot and moved up by varying amounts
but I am unsure how to fix.

What’s missing in your screen shots are the ‘device settings’ which has the device origin and identifies which quadrant the machine uses. In specific…

Screenshot from 2022-10-04 09-35-10

Machines use the coordinate system and home at 0, 0 …

If it homes at the rear/right then the machine uses quadrant III


front/right - quadrant II


The image is ‘mirrored’ across the a perpendicular axes between the two points when you move the ‘image’ between devices.

In the above case it’s mirrored across the X axes…

Select ‘all’ and use one/both of the mirror options flip-vertical flip-horizontalto correct it…

Make sense?


Thanks for the reply Jack,
Unfortunately this is not the issue. Sorry I should have worded it better.
If it was just that, I wouldn’t mind having to mirror it each time.
What is happening is the text is moving after that when I try to select it. see below

Laser Origins for your reference.
Sculpfun origin
xtool origin

Text before changing laser

Text after laser change

text when Mirrored - thinking all is fine!

mirror button

And then after I try to select and edit text

  • this happens with all text in the project.
    and they move a different amount to each other, which I think has to do with their size.

It is very frustrating as I have alot of projects with text that will take me a long time to mirror and move everything back to its spot.

That looks like a bug of LightBurn. The reference position for the text seems not to be mirrored correctly. Maybe the origin position also plays a role in here, that this is not calculated correctly…

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I have 3 lasers, all with different origins and I move the art around and I’ve had no problems.

I’m assuming that as soon as it’s selected, it ‘flips’?

I don’t know if I’ve done something equivalent to your problem so I wouldn’t bet on my experience … I wouldn’t have a clue where to look for this as a configuration issue.

Go to the ‘help → about lightburn’, copy and paste the version you’re running so it will be available for anyone trying to assist.

@JohnJohn might have some explanation or insight for this type of behavior. For some reason I doubt it’s ‘by design’… :thinking:



Yes it flips as soon as I select and try to edit the text.
assume it is just a software issue, will hopefully get sorted in a future update.
I downloaded the new software update today and no change unfortunately.
(I went from version 1.2.01 to version 1.2.03)

For now I will have to just reposition everything as I need it…

Explanation? Me? No, not really - Text can be weird and it might (maybe) be reverting to the orientation it was composed in when Editing - but that’s speculation on my part.

Thank you so much for the thorough report. It’s sincerely appreciated.

I have reported this unanticipated behaviour internally.
I also find this to be quite strange.

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