2 pass image without indexing Y axis roller until 2nd pass completes?

I am engraving some tumblers for my kids school via the comgrow rotary roller. Roller works great if you only need to do one pass, but with some coatings 2 gets you nice shiny stainless for the best contrast.

Unfortunately if I enable 2 passes, the software does the entire image in a single pass, then goes back to the start position to go over it a second time. With out the roller this would be perfectly fine, but the y axis shifts slightly if I have to reverse the cup direction.

Can Light burn do both passes in the X axis before it moves the rollers in “Y” axis?

2 passes at 4000mm/m@80% (5w) gives me ideal results.
1 pass at 1000-2600mm/m @80% does not give an ideal engraving but is workable. I just would like that second pass to clean it up and make it pop if possible without moving the Y axis until it did its 2nd pass.



Doesn’t sound like you have any other options but to slow it down.

It might be worth trying 500@80%. Might seem slow, but success can be elusive :crazy_face:


I went down to 500 after the post. It just kinda chars the coating more, staining around the cut. I can go anywhere from 500-2600 and get essentially the same result, 2800+ and it doesn’t quite remove enough of the coating. I did the cups I needed at 2600 and will just live with it for now. I was hoping for future cups the software could do what I was asking, and I was simply ignorant of how it’s done.

Those lasers are not the most powerful. You could go to a little higher power laser module to get a little more depth.

When I cut ply, there is lots of speeds that will cut through, but a certain speed with a certain power will leave a cut that isn’t ‘burnt’.

Wipe you finger over the cut edge, if you pick up any ‘black’ soot, your power and speed probably need adjustment. Any kind of ‘machining’ the ‘speeds and feeds’ are the most critical… With lasers the ‘speed’ is the power (spindle on another machine) and ‘feeds’ are how fast the material is moving relative to the ‘tool’…

Good luck


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