2 photo's different time

Who can help me??
I have 2 photos with the same 135mm height format, removed background with remove background site, then edited with photograv in the default settings, then set in lightburn and pass through, now it comes, one photo takes 2 hours 33 min with the laser and the other 55 minutes, I have a 5.5w laser the Totem two trees S, who can help me so that both photos last just as long with lasers??? speed 1000mm/min and power 50% on plywood

Hi Bertus, i don’t know what your Dpi settings are but you could try dropping them to around 220 if they’re not already

I had set it to 318 dpi with photograv and lightburn, but with 220 dpi it is very cool with jarvis or other fashion,(i use translator)

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