2 tone engraving

i’m wanting to do this where the top half has the image and words engraved, and the bottom has the background engraved.

FUN QUESTION… how do i get the name in the middle to be split so each side of the line is the proper engrave? the letters themselves would be split between engraved and not engraved

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These 2 halves will need to be on different layers ans the are will need to change slightly. Have a look at this post to understand how LightBurn uses boundaries to set what gets filled/engraved and what does not.

As for splitting an object, I would draw a very thin rectangle (maybe only 0.25mm) across the object to be split, select both then use the ‘Boolean Subtract’ tool. The result will be the desired object will be split where the rectangle intersected it. This is why I use a very “thin” rectangle, the amount removed by the subtract is small and visually not distorting my results.


I haven’t tried it in LB, but it’s possible in Inkscape. Each letter has to be done individually.

In Inkscape:

  1. Convert the text to a path first.

  2. Draw a box that is sized and angled to cover 1/2 the text with one border along the split line. (see photo)

  3. Duplicate the box so there’s 2 copies on top of each other because when you split the first letter the box will be destroyed. You will need to keep dupicating the box for each letter, or just stack up enough duplicates up front to do as many letters as you have.

  4. Select the first letter and the box and use Path -> Division to split the letter.

  5. Duplicate the box again and select it and the second letter, and again use division to split it.

  6. Lather, rinse, repeat for all remaining letters.

  7. Do what you want with the split text. Put 1/2 of it on a layer to be engraved and 1/2 not or whatever. Each 1/2 of the text ends up as a closed shape.

Photo shows the “setup” with the box and text already converted to path and examples of split text.
Not sure if this can be done in LB with its Boolean tools or not. split%20text

Aha! Rick beat me to it with a way to do it in LB. :slight_smile:

Well, that’s not very convenient. Here is how I do it in LightBurn. Create ‘Text’, create closed - “splitting shape”, select both and select ‘Boolean Subtract’. Done. But, to each his own. :slight_smile:


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ok, i managed to get the box split … did it the long way i guess.
originally i did a rectangle and put a diagonal line from corner to corner . then i did individual lines to do the lower triangle and joined it all together then just duplicated and flipped it around.
the name in the middle is the curious part a the moment.

my wife is also working it in paintshop pro just in case but i am trying to do as much as i can in lightburn

Is the text you want to split already in vectors or is it an image? If vectors, you can di it exactly the way I described. Have you tried that? What result did you get?

  1. I created the text.
  2. I created a ‘thin’ rectangle to use as my “split” tool.
  3. Placed “split tool rectangle” as desired.
  4. Selected rectangle, then text and hit ‘Boolean Subtract’.
  5. Ungrouped results and separated for illustration.


The ‘thin’ rectangle to use as my “split” tool. Note the height.


Is this the result you are looking to achieve? Is this not working the same for you?

It’s not very convenient. I like your way better.
I’ve always believed that any day that I don’t learn something new is a wasted day.
Thanks for helping to salvage today for me. :slight_smile:

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I will have to try that after the holidays.
Due to a time crunch i had to use paintshop pro to split the name as we already know how on it.
The rest of the design was all lightburn.

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