2021 Omtech 80Watt---Can't connect to Lightburn

I need help please. Brand new Omtech 80 watt blue and grey laser received last week…built Jan 2021. Lightburn will not connect (Version 0.9.24). I’ve always been told Omtechs are Rudia contollers. Lightburn does NOT find my laser via USB…and yes…I’m in the port for PC and not a flash drive. My new Laptop dinged and made noise when I plugged it up via USB…but I went to device manager and it didnt have the correct drivers…and labeled it as “FT245R USB FIFO”. But at least it saw it so…its communicating something. I tried BOTH USBs (serial & Packet) manually in lightburn and neither communicates to the laser.
Thanks in advance

Welcome. If you are running Windows, you may need to install the driver from the last page of the LightBurn installation process. Installing Lightburn - LightBurn Software Documentation


I truly appreciate the quick reply on a holiday weekend! AWESOME service!
Can I re-install to get that driver? Or will it mess up the Serial Code I’ve already entered into the Lightburn software?

You are welcome, and you can, no issue. :wink:

THANK you so much! That did it! Lightburn was able to auto scan and find my laser via USB!!!
I can’t thank you enough!

Search on the forum is your friend. We provide documentation which should helpful and worth review. In particular, the Simple Project section helps folks get a good lay of the land, or ‘how to do a thing’ in LightBurn 101, if you will.

We also have a YouTube channel with a few videos that can help. :slight_smile:

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