2nd cut in a project?

Not clear what you mean by “do multiple cuts”. There are several ways to define the cutting parameters within LightBurn. At the highest level, cuts are defined in colored “layers”. Double-click a layer to expose the details of that cut in the ‘Cut Settings Editor’. Type of cut (image, scan, cut, scan & cut) and the options for each are defined in these dialogs. You can set each layer to cut once, cut multiple times (number of passes) and the order in which you want each object cut.

Here is a bit more detail: https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/d9fd250605ec2be6d678b5592e830eac09295250/Operations.md#laser-operations

Starting with an image, you can convert it to a vector using the ‘Image Trace’ feature and then define your desired cuts to these objects as you see fit.

There are some good resources to help with understanding LightBurn here: First time users - welcome!