3 pin laser wire extension needed

I upgraded my laser and controller to accept 3 pin… but the wire on the new laser is about 6" too short to be useful.

Is there someone out there who can make an extension for me?

I’m happy to pay a reasonable rate for the item and your time and postage of course. Pics following, the female end is about 3/8" wide, ruler in the picture.


You could do this yourself if need be with some butt crimp connectors. It is really easy to do and would not cost much at all. All the auto parts stores, Home Depot, Lowes carry them. Here is a link to some. Just be sure to get the proper gage wire and connectors. You will also need wire cutters, crimp tool and wire. for the splice I would use 1 color wire, Hope this helps you some. https://www.google.com/aclk?sa=l&ai=DChcSEwifj77w8tX7AhVtFdQBHSVHDAYYABAJGgJvYQ&sig=AOD64_0Wmph0pT5xrqd5MoRmUaqtSXWqkw&adurl&ctype=46&ved=2ahUKEwjl86jw8tX7AhWogmoFHYEwBR8Qvhd6BAgBEFk

This is a lot of tools and things to buy and put together for 6" of wire with 2 connectors. that’s why I’m asking if someone who knows what their doing and already has all these things can make it for me…

Can you make it? I can paypal or venmo $10 for it…

Sorry I can not. If you are wanting to do it the cheapest way use 6 wire nuts and wire.


Is cutting one end off and soldering the extension in between (plus heatshrink) no option?
You may find someone easier who can solder than someone who has the crimping tools (and can handle them correctly) plus the needed connectors.

My husband made a little thing from spare parts he found… hopefully that works.

Thanks for the replies.