3000mW Blue CNC Laser Engraving Machine

I am trying to start my laser from lightburn software and it keeps saying the laser is busy! Can someone help? I’m new to laser engraving and trying to figure this out! Thank you!
It is a universal engraver
3000mW Blue CNC Laser Engraving Machine

First make sure the prior job is canceled out incase your device can pause while working. Second send the device home via the setting in light burn, this should fix your issue. If it still causes a issue restart the engraver so its manually forced to home.

This is my first project. I’ve selected home to send it back home and restarted it all, except the computer. It’s a MacBook Pro. Is there particular settings I need to set before it will work? Also is there another way to restart engraver other than unplugging it?

“Laser may be busy or paused” is a generic message you get when LightBurn can’t communicate with the laser. If you haven’t connected to it at all you would also get this message. When you start the software, do you see an initial connection message in the console? You should see something like:

Waiting for connection...
Grbl 1.1f [$ for help]

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