3018 laser not burning in lightburn works else where

Good day again:

I am still so confused and now frustrated, The laser burns properly in any application other than Lightburn. I keep reading to either slow down or speed up laser, as well as speed and burn are related in the 3018.

Last reply on my prior post was more a critique then help. I am very new at this and may be missing easy steps etc SORRY. Feel dumb enough without it being pointed out.
So I need help that almost walks me through the steps (Thank you)

What is a good starting point and where do you set it

here are my present setting for GRBL


I tried changing the setting in $110/111 to 500-800 with no change

Thanks in advance for your desperately needed help

since post realized can click on speed/Pwr in layers to change speed lowered from 500 to 180 and working up. burned paper/wood at 350mm/min but still won’t burn through 1 layer paint. Even tried multi pass (4) with no luck,(yes laser focused) Starting to wonder if laser that came with 3018 to weak to do what I want,(5500mW laser).
If anybody agrees that my laser is to weak do you have any suggestions for reasonably priced plug and use upgrade.

Thanks again

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