3018 proVer set up xyz

Sorry if this has been already asked, but I did search and found info that pertained to 3018 and made no reference to the model I own that is the 3018 proVer.
I am new to laser burning and have used the laserGRBL and no issues to zero xyz in that software. I Decided to try this software and playing with it for 3 days now with NO LUCK AT ALL. Read up on setting zero and one help guide talks about hitting the “set origion” button witch I can tell you dose NOT EXIST. Every time I try something and start the process the laser move as such a rate of speed and slams into the limit switch at the RH side X axis. The grid on the work area dose not even reflect where the work is on the work area. I even tried aligning my work to the lower left with green and red dots there and still the laser moves totally off the grid. I notice my working grid shows a 0 point and goes to my setting of 300 to the right but also goes from 0 to left -80? I have not seen that on any videos I have watched?
Is the issue because I am running a trial version?
And all I know now is after playing with adj. to get laser working in lightburn I now can’t use it as a CNC anymore because the work coordinates no longer work in Grblcontrol candle… NICE now what do i do???

Here is our official starting point for the 3018 system:

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