30W Raycus Chinese Galvo Setup Problem

Lightburn with the licensed Galvo extension isn’t detecting my 30W galvo laser. I have it plugged in with the power running. When I create it manually, (based on the youtube video) I’m selecting JCZFiber and then “Import EZCad Config” then selecting the markcfg7 file. After creating it, the laser is still not detected. I’ve tested a different USB cable as well.

I’ve been advised it may be the usbc adapter, but haven’t had luck switching it out. Any solutions I’m missing here? Thanks

Update: I tried a hub, I tried an adapter, I tried basically all the tricks mentioned… Someone told me they had the exact same cloned card and it couldn’t connect to his mac until he bought an original card and swapped them… Anyone have experience with making cloned cards work as is?

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