$32=1 changed complete

I help some people, but they now have with lightburn and lasergrbl that they enter 32 = 1, but when they start pressing in lightburn it goes back to 32 = 0, even after restarting lightburn.
is that a known problem?

I am not understanding your use of wording, “…when they start pressing in…”. LightBurn does not change any firmware setting unless you directly do so using the ‘Console’ window and/or you have set ‘Macros’ to adjust firmware setting, and then press one of the macros you have defined. LightBurn will not make a change to your setup unless you tell it to, period.

That said, we do see firmware out there that resets every time the controller is booted. Could this be what you are observing?

Sounds as tho the changed setting has not been written

From the LightBurn ‘Console’ window, you can type $$ followed by the Enter / Return key to see what the current settings are. You should see a stream spit back in that scrollable window. You can also view and edit firmware settings selection ‘Edit’→’Machine Settings’, which is a bit easier to use.

I meant by “start” RUN I am Dutch and have everything converted by a translator
having GRBL1.1h

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